NeoEdge and = free ad supported games

You dont have to put coins in your television to watch most shows (outside of paying for cable access) and up until now you’ve had to fork over $ to play many casual downloadable games. This site takes the idea of advertisement supported media from the TV world and applies it to gaming. Neoedge wants to be the advertiser for free downloadable games and it means to you that if you can sit through “commercials” you can download and play many popular casual games for free.

It had to happen eventually, and perhaps having a free ad sponsored alternative to buying games might help curtail some of the desire for game pirates, since you can get the games for “free” w/o any effort.

Now supposedly NeoEdge has a “widget” that can be embedded on a site to offer downloadable games, but I was unable to find it. Mashable mentions this. Can someone from NeoEdge or related areas point out where to grab this widget? Or is it only for big wig portals? Hrm.