A great week for storytelling – Unity3D and Unreal UDK

While everyone is getting all excited about creating games using the new free versions of Unity3D ( http://www.unity3d.com ) and now the Unreal SDK called UDK (http://udk.com/) but I wonder if folks are missing something that could be even more interesting. Sure, there will be some amazing games, but the potential exists for some really amazing storytelling to happen. Up until now, folks building machinima or 3D interactive storytelling have had to limit themselves to either modding existing games, or using open source free versions of game engines. While amazing things have already been produced, imagine if what kinds of amazing stories could be told in rich 3D with interactivity like you see in IF.

For instance – what if you combined the visual expressiveness of Alyx Vance ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alyx_Vance ) 120px-HalfLife2_AlyxVancewith the complex character of Galatea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galatea_(computer_game) )

So, while many folks are thinking of making a new Pac-Man clone, a Bejeweled lookalike, or a FPS meets RTS, I hope some folks think about creating a vibrant living world that could take storytelling to a new place.