Running Construct 2 even if you have a Mac

I was able to create a simple windows 2008 instance on EC2 with these handy instructions:

Just sign up for a free account, get the instance running. Log in via remote desktop and install the construct 2 software and you are good to go! Add dropbox and you can develop completely remotely and from any computer you like. Woot!

Construct 2 Platformer

Another night with Construct 2. This time building a simple platformer. Jump up to get points. Try to get to 25.

Late Night Game Making with Construct 2

Last night I played around with Construct 2 and made a game. It’s a sucky game, but the fact that I could create it in about an hour is fantastic. Today is your last day to get Construct 2 at a cheaper price. Tomorrow they release r100 and with it comes great new features, but also a bit more expensive. I still think it’s totally worth it. It’s the first tool I’ve used that I actually “get” and imagine making real games with.
Seem my silly final product below. Arrow keys move. Click to shoot. Click once in the frame so you don’t scroll around.