Playing with Construct 2

I’m playing around a bit with Construct 2. It’s a pretty nifty web game building tool. I just wish it had a Mac version. Try moving around with the arrow keys. Not much happens, but there’s so much potential here.

More code less load.

I’ve been reading more and more about how less folks are blogging, and how more important it is to maintain a blog if you want to cultivate a community of followers/fans. So, let’s see if I can up the rate of posts as well as have more code to show you.

I am also tweaking the look and feel so there’s less distractions and such. Hopefully things’ll load faster.

New YUI Communication Layer Demo Code

Most recently I’ve been going over Gallery components. They are so awesome that I’ve decided to try to beef up the examples by creating ones that are a bit more verbose and are updatable by myself and others. In that spirit here’s my first one with Communication Layer.

It’s not perfect, but it shows off a bit of what you can do with it. I hope to add more and more of these as I dig through the Gallery.

I’ve also included it via an embed below:

Playful Buttons featured on

I have realized that I output a lot of code and other demo type things but I fail to mention them on my own blog! Kinda wonky, so here’s a recent snippet. I took a few of my css3 snippets and posted them on CSSDECK, and one got featured. I created a few more (basically ported the article to CSSDECK’s format)

I hope you try them out and let me know what you think of them.

Dusting off the blog

It’s been a long time since I blogged here. As you can rightly see. I’ve been struggling with the whole idea of starting fresh at a new site, or trying to continue things here since there’s probably one or two folks who still visit this site every once in a while. What do you think? Perhaps getting a bit of discipline back and writing here will do me some good.