This is the first MiniWorld.

The idea behind MiniWorlds is this: create a dynamic embeddable element which represents a "view" into a tiny little world. This world might be a fish tank, an ocean shore, a forbidding castle in the distance, or any sort of window into a dynamic little world. The world might contain animations (fish swimming around, the sky brightening and darkening based on the day, or a flower getting shorter or taller when the stock market is up or down. Any dynamic data you can think of, could be incorporated into a MiniWorld. Then, the MiniWorld can be shared with your friends - so that they can get a quick view that mirrors your own. MiniWorlds might convey stat information, your mood, or just about anything you might think of. The main idea however is to NOT convey it via words, but by subtle changes in the view of the world.

This MiniWorld is braindead simple. The sky changes color on the hour during certain hours of the day

If you would like to embed this MiniWorld in your own page - use this link

The syntax is simply: <script src="sky_miniworld.js"></script>