What's New: April 09, 2003

I'm going to move the site to Movable Type so that I can better manage links and other information. Plus I can templatize all the pages. Look at the prototype site here

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What's New: April, 2003

Ok, the site redesign is now underway... look for changes in the next few weeks.

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What's New: January 28, 2003

This site is going to undergo a much needed redesign soon. Yay! It's just too unwieldy to make updates this way.

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What's New: January 26, 2003

Wow! Where has the time gone! For almost 3 years I've been doing other stuff and neglecting this poor depot - and now my job has changed such that I need to re-learn Dreamweaver and renew everything. That means that finally the Depot might rise again!

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Welcome to the new and improved Dreamweaver Depot! This is a site that provides for you many new extensions to Macromedia Dreamweaver. All the ones here were custom built and add new features to Dreamweaver's already impressive capabilites. Please sign my guestbook below! You can also search the site below: